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Unplanned Pregnancy?

Are you single and pregnant?

Has your family or boyfriend
turned you away?

Feeling scared, alone
or embarrassed?

Need hope?

A caring home... when you're pregnant.


Clara's House Maternity Shepherding Program is a caring ministry which supplies a place to live for single women that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, who desire to go full term. During the length of stay of the pregnancy and afterward, the women will learn life skills toward independent living. Since we are a Christian ministry, we will communicate the unconditional love of God to each woman who stays at Clara's House.

Our Purpose

Imagine yourself single and you find out that you are pregnant. It's not something you planned. You are in a crisis situation---your parents kick you out, your boyfriend leaves you. You have no support system to help you. You want to continue the pregnancy; abortion is not the answer. Clara's House may be your answer.

If you are 18 or older in a homeless situation and pregnant, you may be eligible for our services. You will need to fill out an application, speak with the director, and voluntarily agree to participate in the Clara's House Program. During your stay you will need to follow household rules, write and attain goals, and learn independent living skills.

We promise to provide ~ a safe, clean home free from alcohol, drugs, and violence ~ nutritional meals ~ transportation for medical needs ~ assistance in receiving life skills ~moral and spiritual support

 Take a few minutes to fill out the application or give us a call.

Thanks for Visiting!


I am excited for you to connect with us. If you are in need of help, please fill out an application to help us get to know you and your needs.

If you are someone who has a heart to support our ministry, sign up to be on our newsletter mailing list so we can get you connected with Clara's House. You can also view our current needs list.

Kathy Koch


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Please make checks payable to:

Clara's House, Inc.
811 Rte 115
Saylorsburg, PA  18353

(570) 383-3050 office

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