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 Koch-Villoresi founded Clara's House in 2000 and serves as President and Director. Kathy is married and has 2 grown children. Her past professions include many years in retail and business management, serving as a social worker for Goodwill Industries, and serving as a Pastor's wife for 20 years. Kathy has also served in church leadership positions and worked in various community activities. Her hobbies include singing, interior decorating and anything Victorian!

A Note from Kathy

Clara's House was started by a vision that God placed in my heart many years ago. I had always been concerned for women facing an unplanned/crisis pregnancy. My desire was to influence them to make the choice to choose life for their unborn child. God also placed on my heart the compassion for people and the desire to work one-on-one to make a difference in their llife. Through doing research, I learned that the need was great for women who faced unplanned pregnancies to find housing. As I put these desires together, I realized that I needed to start a maternity shepherding home. I shared my vision with others, formed a board of directors, and received a 501c3 tax exempt status. I named this ministry to honor the memory of my great-grandmother, Clara.


How did Clara's House start & who was Clara?

Many folks ask me this. Let me share my story with you!

I was very fortunate to have many family members living closeby growing up.One of these family members was my great grandmother, Clara. We called her "MomMom." I remember many nights sleeping in her very large Victorian Second Empire house in Saylorsburg, Pa.. I remember many afternoons helping her get dressed and helping to put on her makeup. I even remember helping her with getting on her corset! I remember how she taught me the old church hymns, how she recited very long poems (Tommy's Prayer), and how she loved having her tea with 2 full heaping teaspoons of sugar! I remember her old wooden rocking chair and how it would creak as she rocked (I often wonder what happened to that.) I remember her faith in God and her hoping "to go home" one day soon to see her Jimmie (her husband). She had a very special place in my heart and I in hers.

MomMom was a very active and prominent woman in her community and for her time period! She was a businesswoman, wife, and mother of 5 children (with alot of grandchildren and great grand-children). She was very active in politics, in social circles, and in civic organizations. Everyone knew of her! She ran several businesses from Christmas trees to homemade ice cream to restaurants to lodging. And she remained very active until her death at (almost) 104 years old! Someone in my family told me she had the first motor car in Saylorsburg, and her house was the first to have electric lights. I've also been told by someone that there was a small home-made "still" hidden in a wall somewhere! Now I would have liked to have seen that! As you can tell, she was a special woman to me from my infancy up until my mid-twenties. And that leads me to what happened one night........

It was around 1992, and one night I had an astonishing dream (keep in mind that MomMom had been gone for about 5 years now). I dreamed that I was in MomMom's house standing by her door . A knocking was at the door, and I went to answer it. I opened the door, and there was a woman there or I should say a female could have been an angel or a person. This "being" was holding a bundle in her arms. As soon as we made eye contact and I saw this bundle, she turned around to leave. She carried the bundle away from the door and headed to a large field near the house. I started to yell, "no, no, no" because when I looked at the field, I saw hundreds of white cross markers as gravesites. I must have known somehow that she was going to bury this bundle. At the next part of the dream, I was standing next to the wall by the door, and I looked up at the wall. About now I was starting to wake up from the dream but still being in the half-sleep/half-awake stage, I saw something on the wall. It was the initials “C-L-A-R-A.” And this phrase was forming in my thoughts----"Children Looking For A Rest Area." I woke up totally and started to weep. I cried for several days after that. I knew that the dream meant something; I could feel it in my spirit.

It took several years, alot of prayers, and then research to understand the dream and its implications and purpose. But, because of this dream "Clara's House Maternity Shepherding Home Ministry" was born. Thanks be unto God! The story continues with "A Time For Rest." Check out that website, too!

Our Sister Ministry - A Time For Rest

Along with Clara's House, a vision for "A Time For Rest Clergy Respite Ministry" has been birthed. A Time For Rest is a Christian respite ministry extended to clergy and missionaries who need a time to relax, recuperate, re-energize, or refocus. Please visit our website to learn more about this wonderful hospitality ministry ~ Tell your pastor! 

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Currently we have openings at our Host Home in the Pittsburgh area.