Be a Host Family

Our Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of a House-Parent?

  1. To provide a warm, clean, loving home (free from smoke, drugs, alcohol, violence).

  2. To provide meals.

  3. Be accountable and work with the Director of Clara’s House.

  4. To provide a Christian atmosphere; whenever possible to be a Christian influence.

  5. Regularly attend a local church with the girl/woman (her attendance is required within Clara’s House policies).

  6. To mentor and teach basic living skills (hands-on).

  7. There will be driving involved as most girls do not have licenses/cars—doctor appointments, WIC, welfare, etc.

  8. Possibly teach the girl basic baby/infant care (hands-on).

  9. Include the girl/woman into your lifestylemake her feel a part of your home.

  10. Be there to provide emotional support.

  11. Design a set of household rules (as suggested by Director) and be able to enforce!

  12. Be there for moral supportencourage her to work on her goals.

  13. Be her coach in the labor room (if she desires).

  14. House-parent cannot take rent/monies from a pregnant girl/woman. House-parent is doing this out of charity.

  15. Report any bad behavior or breaking of rulesas these are grounds for dismissing her/asking her to leave the program and/or your home.

What are the responsibilities of Clara’s House to a House-Parent?

  1. Interview and evaluate the pregnant girl/woman and assess her needs.

  2. Whenever the funds are available, give the house-parents a monetary stipend (amount to be determined by Board of Directors).

  3. Provide the pregnant girl with maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby furniture and other items as needed.

  4. Work with the house-parents at all times.

  5. Provide transportation for girl if needed.

  6. Meet with the girl each month for evaluation.

  7. Provide counseling or group teaching lessons.

  8. Be a “back-up” for the house-parents.

  9. Help the girl look for permanent housing.

  10. Help provide items/furnishings to set-up an apartment (if moving to a close area).

What are the responsibilities of the pregnant girl/woman?

  1. She must attend church regularly.

  2. She must agree to household rules (made by Host-Parent and Director).

  3. She must be either: in school, working at least part-time, or volunteering at an agency (all of these are dependent on her health).

  4. She must agree to an independent goal plan.

  5. She must attend counseling if deemed necessary by the Director.

  6. She must apply/receive medical assistance.

  7. She must apply for welfare services and WIC (Food Stamps or cash assistance).

  8. She must meet with the Director once a month or as needed.

  9. She must attend group teaching lessons when available.

  10. She must contribute 10% of her income (whether Welfare Assistance or employment) to Clara's House and she must also open up a Savings Account and make deposits on a regular basis.

  11. She must sign a voluntary admission agreement and a dismissal agreement.

Host Families

What are our Host Families or House-Parents?

It is a husband and wife couple, who within their own home, takes on the responsibility of caring for a homeless pregnant girl/woman who participates in the Clara’s House Maternity Shepherding Home Program. Besides providing food and shelter, the couple agrees to help the girl/woman grow emotionally and spiritually. A House-Parent mentors and becomes involved in the girl’s life.

What is the time commitment?

A pregnant girl/woman can come anytime during her pregnancy, whether 2 months or 8 months, and she will stay with you anywhere up to 6 months after she gives birth. If she is choosing adoption, her stay is only up to 3 months.

When a woman (and her baby) leave your home, you have the option to take another pregnant girl/woman (if your home is needed), or you may wait until you are ready again. You may also decide to discontinue being House-Parents. It is important, though, that you follow through with your commitment to the pregnant girl once she is in your home/care.

How do I apply/get started?

You need to contact the Director of Clara’s House for an application and go through a simple interview process. You must also agree to a child abuse clearance and criminal check and be available for instruction/training.

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